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Expert in Semiconductor Technology and Microelectronics

Available for your Consulting and Expert Witness Needs

Vermont (VT)
Education Work History Career AccomplishmentsPublicationsConsulting Services Expert Witness

Summary of Expertise:

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Expert has microelectronics development, fabrication, manufacturing and intellectual property expertise acquired over a successful hands-on career spanning more than 3 decades, and covering CMOS semiconductor device technology nodes from 1um down to 14nm (current). His experience is both in-depth and broad-based, and includes Back-End-of-Line (BEOL) and Far-Back-End-of-Line (FBEOL) technology ownership of unit processes and process integration, as well as team leadership responsibility for Chip:Package Interaction (CPI, i.e. 'white bumps') and CPI integration for microelectronics packaging to meet highest-level industry standards for reliability and performance. His BEOL and FBEOL subject matter expertise pertains to advanced interconnect technology, etch technology (plasma, RIE, wet etch), polyimide material and process technology, process integration for both Al and Cu wiring BEOL structures, design groundrules, laser fuse technology, and FCPBGA via and packaging interconnects (solder bump, wirebond, Cu pillar structures, etc), and also includes aspects of flip-chip and 3-D packaging. He has long-term experience as a real-time problem solver in both the development and chip manufacturing environment, and in qualifying chip technologies to meet reliability constraints.

With 150 granted U.S. patents, he is recognized as an innovative intellectual property leader, and has been named an IBM Master Inventor. He is an author of 22 technical publications, to include journal papers and conference presentations and Proceedings. He has previously served 8 years as technical committee chair for the Symposium on Polymers for Microelectronics and has been a long-standing conference board member. Finally, Expert possesses exceptional communication, analytical, writing and interpersonal skills, as well as a strong work ethic, making him a highly desirable contact for consulting, technical support and expert witness services.

He has held multiple positions throughout his 32-year career in engineering, technology development, and manufacturing. He has assumed engineering responsibility for all aspects of process technology qualification for manufacturing (incl long-term ownership for plasma, RIE, polyimide, and final via sector processing), project management, real-time problem solving in time-sensitive development and manufacturing environments, process optimization, technology process integration, chip-package integration, and for structural aspects of wiring interconnects and CMOS design rules through 12 technology node generations from 1um (1985) to 14nm (2014). Expert spent many years as IBM Technical group leader for the CPI (Chip:Package integration) cross-functional team responsible for strategic technology development and implementation of reliable CPI configurations for advanced technology products for both Al and Cu-wired BEOL. Served as Intellectual Property (IP) Patent Review Board Chair for inventions in the area of FBEOL and CPI. He has developed and honed exceptional communication and interpersonal skills via his long-term role as technical team leader.


microelectronic device manufacturing


semiconductor technology






process qualification


project management




process optimization


chip-package integration


corporate strategic planning






laser fuse

Show Secondary and Basic Areas of Expertise

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution  
1988   Ph.D   Chemical Engineering   Clarkson University  
1982   M.S.   Chemical Engineering   University of Connecticut  
1980   B.S.   Biology/Chemistry Dual Major   University of Connecticut  

Work History:
Years   Employer   Department   Title   Responsibilities

2014 to


Expert's Firm


(All): Technical Services


President and Founder


Expert provides consulting services to corporate and academic clients alike.

2006 to 2014






Senior Engineer / Team Leader


He led a cross-functional multidisciplinary team in all aspects of CPI, including strategy definition, technology qualification, and real-time problem-solving in technology nodes through to 14nm. He served Intellectual Property Patent Board Leader and as Polyimide processing guide / expert for BTV and EFK fabs. He contributed innovative intellectual property with FBEOL/CPI focus, including approximately 100 patents during this period.

1997 to 2006






Advisory/Senior Engineer / BEOL/FBEOL Integrator


Expert engaged in process and program qualification for BEOL/FBEOL technology elements from 1st Cu BEOL technology (180nm) node through to 90nm. He led a cross-functional laser fuseblow team for IBM's Microelectronics Division. He also led FBEOL manufacturability strategy and qualification team. He assembled the first cross-functional team integrating Packaging, C4, and chip-level fabrication teams to understand and address CPI issues.

1990 to 1997






Advisory Engineer / BEOL Technology Integratory


He served as process development leader for pilot-line qualification of joint-venture 3-D chip stacking program (CUBE). Expert was also BEOL/FBEOL Integrator for late-generation aluminum BEOL wiring technologies and early development / qualification of 1st Cu BEOL wiring technology (180nm) implemented first at IBM.

1982 to 1990






Associate and Staff Engineer / BEOL Technology Process Owner


Expert was process owner for BEOL metal RIE, Oxide RIE, and Polyimide Via sectors. He developed new polyimide via and metal RIE process technologies. He performed unit process and program manufacturing qualifications for 1M,4M,16M IBM DRAM technologies. He transferred technology operations from 125mm development line to brand new 200mm fab, and qualified 1st 200mm technology in manufacturing.

Career Accomplishments:

29-year member of IEEE

Professional Appointments

Symposium on Polymers for Microelectronics - Board member since 2006 - Technical Committee Chair 2008-2014


2010 Named IBM Master Inventor (Corporate recognition)

Publications and Patents Summary

He holds 150 issued U.S. Patents in the areas of BEOL and FBEOL structure and process technology, laser fuse technologychip-package interaction, solder bumping, and advanced packaging structures and process, including wirebond, flip-chip (FCPBA), and chip stacking (3-D). He also has coauthored 22 publications, including refereed journal papers, conference proceedings and conference presentations.

Selected Publications and Publishers  
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Consulting Services:
Selected Consulting Examples:
  • Currently providing technical consulting services to IC industry.
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English   Native speaker


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